Acoustic Pods/Booths

Quiet zones are in demand in noisy office spaces. Our acoustic pods work well in even the most dynamic environment. Their modular structure and ergonomic form of a phone booth offer a variety of possible arrangements meeting diverse needs – a place for phone calls or individual focused work. This arrangement can be easily modified. They’re equipped with an automatic lighting and quiet fans. Transparent ceiling ensures that the light comes from the outside. Sound absorbing material that’s used on the inside as well as outside walls improves not only acoustics of the pod itself, but also of the whole office environment.

Our soundproof pods also improve the acoustic quality of office spaces. The variety of components allows to create multifunctional architectural pieces: from private pod to meeting room accommodating several people. They allow to divide office space without building permanent walls. The bottom part of the booth is eliminated and they’re also equipped with an automatic lighting and silent fans.

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