T45 Stylish executive desk system, Italian designed, with built-in modesty panel

Price from 799.00

  • Full-bodied desk which caters for both classic or modern taste
  • 45° angle between surface and structure
  • Functional accessories e.g. cable tidy trays
  • Executive version available with an in-built writing desk ( L-shape)
  • Collection includes melamine and metal meeting tables
  • 2mm straight Abs impact resistant edges

Office is a natural habitat of the T45 desk from Italian Quadrifoglio - a full-bodied, authoritative and eccentric with its 45° angle between surface and structure. The model is available as a single workstation, desk with built-in modesty panel, a table with adjoining writing desk and solutions with multi-purpose furniture or box, bringing comfort and aesthetic solutions to life. The top is always tidy and free from clutter, thanks to functional accessories, like the cable tidy trays.

The executive version is available with an in-built writing desk, which creates an L-shape, practical for work and for meeting partners and clients. The desk presents a structure which caters for all tastes, classic or modern. For pleasant meeting experiences in stylistically coherent settings, the collection includes melamine and metal meeting tables.

Tops are linked to the legs by 45° mitred joints to form 90° corners. Panel density: 670/730 kgs per cubic meter38mm. Easy to clean scratch-resistant anti-reflective melamine faced chipboard (MFC) tops finished with 2mm matching, straight Abs impact resistant edges.


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