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desk screens and panels

Office Screens

Range of free standing and desk screens. Improve the privacy and the acoustics of your workplace.

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home office furniture desk and chairs

Home Office

Furniture designed with the busy professional in mind. Built with durability, practicality and comfort in mind.

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office desks and workstations


We are one of the leading suppliers of office desks in Ireland and in this section you will find all sorts of different styles of desks to meet your needs, from single desks, executive, co-working tables or height adjustable desks.

Reception Furniture

Our office reception desks not only offer the most exciting modern and traditional designs but lasting high quality at fantastic value. We have modular desks options to fit any space requirements. Full installation including the lighting and cable management.

office chairs and seating

View our most comprehensive selection of desk chairs and other office seating. These ranges include operative and executive chairs, meeting & visitor chairs and also canteen, breakout and pod seating.

Screens & Partitions

Whether you are looking for separate workstations or to create interesting configurations that add an aesthetic appeal to your environment, we have one of the largest collections of office screens and dividers online and have solutions to suit every office.

meeting boardroom furniture

Our conference room furniture is designed to make a statement about who you are as a company, and to reflect your corporate identity. Ranging from traditional elegance to modern meeting rooms design.

Breakout Lounge Area

Breakout seating includes chairs, sofas, armchairs or poufs that can be used in a lounge area, staff room or any breakout area. Using soft seating, chairs and other furniture, these areas can be even turned into a workable areas. Choose from our wide range of different seating models which are all available in high quality fabrics or leathers.

Home Office Furniture including Office Desks, Chairs & Interiors

Comfortable home office furniture that encourages production and promotes health and wellbeing.

canteen furniture tables chairs and benches
Canteen Furniture

Canteens provide a space for employees to have their meals, to refresh and to interact with each other. We provide the furniture to make these breaks comfortable and enjoyable. View our great range of canteen tables, benches, stools and chairs.

health and wellbeing height adjustable desks
Health & Wellbeing

Our range of ergonomic sit stand desks, chairs and accessories have been designed to provide maximum comfort and promote good posture to the user whilst working.

home outdoor furniture
Outdoor Furniture

Take advantage of your outdoor space by creating some meeting areas. The open-air areas help people to spend time together, adding to the productivity at work. Please see our range of a beautiful outdoor furniture, suitable for both public and private settings.

acoustic pods and booths

Background noise affects people’s well-being and productivity. Acoustic pods can be easily installed in office spaces. They allow privacy so employees can exchange ideas or hold meetings.

storage units and cabinets

Our extensive range of storage solutions offer many arrangement possibilities. Modular storage units allow for individualization of space. There are different sizes and colours available and often even individual units in the cabinet body can have different colours.

Turnkey Solutions

Our turn-key solutions optimise your investment by ensuring your property attains its maximum investment potential whilst also creating a stylish and comfortable living environment.

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Office Furniture Dublin & Ireland

B2B Office Interiors are purveyors of office furniture. We are based in Tallaght, Dublin 24 and service Dublin and surrounding counties.

Other than selling office furniture, we consult, design and provide full fitout of your offices including office desks, office chairs, conference tables, sit standing desks, reception desks and everything else what is required to make an office area complete.

From full design, to any required electrical / plumbing and building work. We provide a full start-to-finish project management & installation service for all office furnishings.

We provide office furniture to one-man-band operations and large corporate offices located in Dublin and surrounding counties.

Since 2000, hundreds of businesses, small and large, have continued to rely on B2B’s reliable, high quality office furniture and unbeatable service.

Contact us for a no-obligation quote. We hope to hear from you soon.

Office Fit Out & Refurbishment Service

We love office interiors! We will transform your office from start to finish – a complete turnkey service.

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Office Furniture Dublin & Ireland

What would any office be without furniture? Every office needs chairs, desks, shelves, storage containers, filing cabinets, and more. In addition to their intended function, office furniture also helps display the company’s personality, it lets visitors know what sort of a firm they are dealing with. Colours, styles, and finishes, are all additional customisation options.

Office furniture needs to be functional, comfortable, and suit the overall office decor. Chairs and desks should be suitable for a modern working environment. They should also be comfortable for users and incorporate ergonomic principles so as to alleviate the assorted health issues associated with sedentary work.

Correctly chosen office furniture allows a company to make maximum use of their limited space. Modular designs and layouts are space efficient with built in or overhead storage included to provide adequate storage space for documents and supplies. Space is usually a premium in properties so innovative storage designs are space efficient and open up more space for use.

Office furniture can also include lights and other desk accessories such as display arms or screen dividers. Display arms can be used to hold screens or monitors, enabling users to adjust them to different heights and alleviate neck or eye strain. Screen dividers can be used to provide privacy for users at shared desks as well as help productivity by enabling a user to focus more on their work.

Home Office Furniture

The idea of a home office can seem like an oxymoron at first glance but they are becoming increasingly popular. Remote working and entrepreneurship have made working from home an increasingly viable option. Many companies have embraced the concept of working from home and allow employees complete some work days at home.

However there is a challenge in working from home as we associate the latter with free time and relaxation. Furnishings that are comfortable and stylish might not be appropriate for use when someone is attempting to work or to entertain a client who might wish a face to face meeting. Home office furniture is essential if a person is to manage that separation of work and home.

Our home office furniture is versatile and durable. The variety of styles and designs will ensure you find the decor type that is suitable for your home office setup. Many of our options are size efficient and well suited for the home office with its natural space constraints.

The main advantage of a home office is that it is designed to be used by you. This enables you to customise and personalise it to suit your own needs and preferences. Colours, style, accessories, these are all the choices you make. It also makes it easier when choosing seating as an ergonomic chair can be custom made for you. Costs that would seem expensive on a large scale are much more reasonable when purchasing for a single user.

Home Office Desks

Office desks are generally one of the first things bought by a company outfitting its premises. They come in a variety of designs and sizes, depending on their intended purpose. An office desk needs to be functional and fit for purpose, as well as fit in with the overall office theme or decor. A reception area desk will be different in design from a working desk elsewhere in the office just as they will be different from a meeting or conference room one.

Sit stand desks are a common type of height adjustable desks that allow users to switch them between sitting or standing modes. They are designed with the users’ health in mind as studies have shown that long periods of sitting at a desk are associated with poor posture and back and neck strain. Sit stand desks are easy to use and shown to improve employee wellbeing and health.

Other office desks on offer include larger executive models that are provided with in built storage. They are also designed to appear impressive and convey their user’s status. There are also options for bench desking that is ideal for team work or modular setups that can be partitioned to give workers privacy while working but still enable them to communicate easily with others.

Conference or meeting room desks come in different shapes and styles making it easier than ever to find the right one for your meeting room. A proper conference room desk will impress and be suitable for both external and internal meetings, with visitors to the firm or staff.

Home Office Chairs

Office chairs are, for some, the most important item to consider when purchasing office furniture. Employees will use these for most of their working day so it is essential that they are comfortable as well as durable. In addition to that, purchasers must also consider ergonomics when buying as modern office work comes with a whole host of medical issues.

Many modern office chairs are designed with ergonomic principles in mind. They are designed to support a user’s back and promote good posture. Poor posture and seating is responsible for back and neck pain and becoming increasingly common as a complaint from office workers.

A subtype of these chairs are lumbar support chairs. The spine can maintain a natural curve without lower back support but most people have the tendency to slouch when sitting for a long period of time. This tends to strain the lower back and contribute to other health issues. Lumbar support chairs provide support to the lower back and ensure good posture. Some of these chairs are adjustable with users able to change the seat back to accommodate them. Other ergonomic designs are fixed and should be tested before purchase.

More luxurious models are also available for executives and to stock meeting rooms. These office chairs are likewise designed to be comfortable as well as stylish looking. These chairs generally come as part of a set with a desk designed for their use.

Office Fit Outs

An office fit out involves the interior design and furnishing of an office area. It is about making an interior space suitable for occupation and use. It comes in several forms that include shell and core, category A fit out, category B fit out, and turnkey projects.

Shell and core projects are usually completed by the builder. They include common areas, toilets, loading bays, staircases, and cladding. A step up from this is a Category A fit out which includes floors, ceilings, and utilities (electrics). This is the bare minimum that is normally expected of a developer providing a space for use though a tenant can make some requests if involved in the process early on.

Category B generally involves room installation, interior finishings, furnishings, IT, specialist lighting, and any other final details. The last step up from this, turnkey projects, are so named because all a new occupant has to do is turn the key and enter. A turnkey project will be furnished right down to the last detail according to the specifications of its future occupant.

Using an office fit out firm guarantees a professional service and that the client has the stress of furnishing their office space removed. All they have to do is explain their specifications to the firm and let them get to work. It enables the client to focus their attention on other matters while a professional service gets their premises set up.

Office Interiors

Office interiors relate to any work that can be done to alter the interior of an office space. It does not affect the building’s structural integrity or external appearance. Office interiors can involve furnishing, office layout, partition/screen installation, acoustic panel integration, and much more. It is about adapting the internals of an office space to suit the client’s needs.

An office interior layout is relatively easy to change as, depending on the structure setup, interior partitions or walls can be moved about to configure the office to the tenant’s liking. A modern setup allows the tenant to change their office layout depending on what their current project or work needs are. This is more common in new builds where interior walls are more temporary and adjusted as required.

Acoustic panelling and other devices allow clients access to soundproofed meeting rooms or quiet working spaces where invasive sound or background noise is filtered out. A soundproofed room is ideal for private meetings or phone calls as it ensures confidentiality. Acoustic panelling and partitions are non-obstructive methods of reducing sound in an office and allowing workers to better focus on their tasks. A screen partition can be moved around in a matter of seconds, causing minimum fuss with set up or relocation.

Office interior work can also involve installation of specialist lighting or enhancing the IT infrastructure in place. Cables can be rewired to predetermined locations and team or bench desking set up around this to facilitate a team pod or project group.