Over the past year, we have looked at the changing office work trends from a number of different angles and indeed we have published a number of articles on the subject. The rapid development of hybrid work, the implementation of hot desk systems, have resulted in many businesses opting for a new office design and fit out.

Although the shift to home offices was very popular, in general, most businesses did not opt to abandon office spaces and environments. Instead, they re-purposed some areas, used spaces smarter, and created offices with more available technology and resources.

In this article, we will explore the current trends for office design and fit out. However, each business will have its own vision for the project outcome and therefore the help of an office fit out specialist is the best way to achieve the desired result for your office space.

Choosing an Office Fit Out Specialist


If you have not yet refurbished your business, this is probably the right time to consider using a specialist. The first step is to understand what is necessary for your office and then create a solid strategy with the expert assistance of an office fit out specialist, thereby optimising time and resources.

There are many office fit out companies available in Ireland, and depending on your choice, the office refurbishment costs will vary greatly. However, on a long term basis the cheapest option is not always the best.

An office fit out specialist should have a combination of great market experience, a history of completing jobs on time and within budget, backed up by an intelligent choice of materials and resources that will guarantee to save you time and money and realise your vision for the project. It will also greatly relieve the usual stress associated with these projects.

B2B Office Interiors has proven expertise in office design and fit out, offering excellent customer service and a free consultation at the click of a mouse.

Office Design and Fit Out Trends

Office Fit Out and Sustainability


The focus on reducing businesses’ environmental impact and creating sustainable office solutions continues to grow.

The planning of sustainable offices can happen on many levels, and businesses are making significant changes to adapt. An office refurbishment project is an excellent opportunity to plan a more sustainable space.

The adaptation can be as simple as creating a recycling strategy and placing a recycling station, or reducing paper usage, or getting an office fit out specialist to help you plan the project.

B2B’s team will work on maximising natural lighting, working around window positions, where possible using locally sourced materials,  and choosing modern, smart and practical office furniture to maximise the available space.

Technology, resources and Smart Offices


Technology is widely available to make the office routine more efficient. A multimedia station is gaining popularity since most interactions with staff and customers now happen through technology and online platforms.

The placement of acoustic pods creates a private space while keeping the benefits of open-plan office fit out and design.

Technology can also contribute to sustainability, installing a light sensor and reducing technological waste by advocating conscious use of peripherals like keyboards, mouses and monitors.

Flexibility and Adaptability


It is common to encounter a diversity of individuals within a team. People have different experiences, needs and ways to be productive. Therefore, a flexible environment, accessible and adaptable to staff’s requirements, will result in higher productivity and a better work atmosphere.

Office Furniture Trends 2023

Office Desk


Sit-stand desks are in high demand because they offer a healthy option for employees who spend long hours at the office desk.

The hot desk system has gained popularity, and people are sharing office desks, alternating days to attend the office. So an adaptable office furniture solution might be the smart move.

Ergonomic Office Chairs


Buying a high-quality ergonomic office chair, which offers comfort and full support, should always be a top priority.

Studies prove that the office chair highly impacts staff productivity and health. Problems caused by back pain from using the wrong chair can cause a higher absenteeism rate.

Office Coffee Stations

B2B office-coffee-station

Office Coffee Stations still prove to be the most popular addition to any office.

Offering a cup of coffee to office visitors has become an essential preamble prior to getting down to detailed negotiations or a welcome break for people attending meetings. Also, a mindful amount of coffee consumption has proven to help focus and productivity.

Placing a coffee station in a lounge area creates a space where staff can take breaks, and visitors can enjoy a productive conversation in a more relaxed atmosphere.