The 2020-2022 World Pandemic has undoubtedly changed how most companies conduct their business. The shift to remote and hybrid work is now the subject of much discussion. Until recently, a meeting room has been an important area in most companies and now is the transformation in the work environment eliminating the need for the traditional meeting room? This article will attempt to assist you in making your decision as to what will work best for your office.

Our B2B office interiors team have been busy identifying, reviewing, and providing solutions to meet these new market requirements. As examples, they have seen the increased demand for office partitions and dividers in businesses that cannot currently accommodate remote work. An example of the new requirements is the installation of meeting Pods. Pods are an excellent solution for conference calls and meetings between two or more people. The B2B team is involved in the creation of many customised fit outs for clients.

We can broadly classify the current top meeting area requirements into two groups. Businesses that wish to open an area to the benefits of increased use of multimedia stations that facilitates group meetings. Secondly, those businesses who decide to maintain their current office accommodation but want it re-purposed for their current and future needs.

The correct boardroom/meeting room furniture may depend on the following, the company business model and the number of staff that normally attend an in-person meeting. The meeting table ideally will accommodate all attendees, allowing when seated, a clear line of sight to everybody. We have been involved when a business decides to opt for smaller desks separated by free-standing screens on wheels. These divisions can be used in a hybrid work office layout and then later easily removed to transform the area into an open-plan meeting room.

We will guide you through available alternatives when designing the ideal meeting/boardroom. We fully understand that each business has its particularities, and we do not believe in one size fits all. We therefore offer a free consultation to identify what is right for you.

We have created customised office projects that has resulted in great client feedback.

Meeting Room Furniture to Consider when doing an Office Fit Out

meeting room

Meeting Tables

The ideal meeting tables must accommodate the maximum expected number of attendees, with each having  a clear line of sight to each other. If a meeting will exceed this expected number of people, extra” easy to move chairs” may a solution to consider.

Today, it is common for people to have electronic devices instead pens and papers, hence, the meeting tables with the facility to tidily connect these devices, such as MITO and OGI Y, are trendy.

Businesses may also use the area as a training room. In this case, a great option is U-shape table that accommodates a central front speaker with a clear sight of a screen.

Meeting Room Chairs

Choosing the right meeting room chair is as especially important. The longer people sit, the more critical it becomes, as an uncomfortable chair can negatively impact on a person’s attention span, therefore affecting how much they will absorb, contribute to, and impact the meeting.

A chair can both look great and yet be comfortable. It is a good idea to match the colours to the office’s decor scheme or to reflect the atmosphere the business tries to create. As an illustration, if you need staff to be creative, active, and playful, a brighter colour may be the best option. In contrast, when lengthy analysis, financial discussions are the norm at meetings, a lighter pastel colour should contribute to a more thoughtful and reflective mood.

Meeting Room Equipment

If the attendees are divided between online and in-person presence, a screen with appropriate connectivity, or a projector, is essential. Furthermore, if the room is also used for training, a projector will contribute to these situations.

It is also essential to consider all the tools you will need before the meeting begins, so always have them available. Consider installing telephones and whiteboards and having a storage unit with all the necessary materials.

The meeting room tips above may sound obvious, but when designing an office, there are so many details and situations to consider so it is easy to forget something basic yet crucial. We often share tips and ideas here and on our social media to make sure you make the best choices. Moreover, we are always available for a chat. Stay in touch.