For more than 20 years, businesses have adopted an open space office design to promote team collaboration and clear communication between staff. While this choice brings many benefits, it also causes some issues that an acoustic office pod can solve.

Contrary to what most people think, the emergence of the open plan office concept did not arise as a result of a wish to improve staff communication and focus within a business. Rather, it was a direct result of a desire by businesses to reduce their real estate costs by fitting more desks into the available space. As a business grows and needs to hire more staff, the cost of office expansion may become an issue that can be solved by clever office fit outs.

Later, it emerged that most businesses did in fact find that the Open Office Concept does improve communication and creates a better atmosphere, as staff and managers share the same space, thus being more accessible and open. However, more recent findings suggest that not all is rosy in the garden and point to the issues of noise, distraction and physical nuisances that come as part of the concept.

Many companies are now installing acoustic pods to solve these problems. These enclosed spaces offer the privacy and noise isolation required from time to time and at an affordable price.

Also called phone booths, they resemble a sort of cabin but are more comfortable and spacious inside, with much functionality built-in, yet, taking up a relatively small space.

There are many shapes, sizes and colours to fit different types of office spaces. Of course, we can help you find the best one for your business.

What are the five main benefits derived from using an acoustic office pod?

1. Soundproof and private space

The privacy of staff members or clients should be a priority for all businesses, in that some conversations and deals should not take place in public. Therefore a soundproof and private space in the office is essential.

A classic example of the benefit of an office pod would be when a team leader needs to have a one-to-one conversation with a member of the team, having a two-person booth can avoid awkward situations or even legal actions that can arise from sharing personal staff information.

Soundproof Acoustic Pod
Phone booths

2. The Acoustic Pods is ideal for dealing with confidential documents and data

Sometimes it isn’t a conversation that needs to be private but the documents or data on a screen. The disclosure of confidential data is an issue that can have both business and legal consequences.

For businesses where workers deal with this type of information, acoustic pods are a perfect solution. It is possible to maintain a collaborative team working in the main office space and use the private area whenever necessary.

3. It is more convenient than meeting rooms

Until recently, the meeting room was the only option when privacy was essential. The use of these booths can negate this requirement to permanently set aside a large area that is infrequently in use. The larger pods accommodate a group of people taking less space than a meeting room, yet, with the same functionality.

Meeting rooms

4. A quiet area improves productivity

Some studies regarding open working environments point to the issue that it is harder to concentrate in a noisy and busy space, consequently productivity decreases.
It is impractical for companies with medium to large teams to have a room for each employee. It is also vital to notice that many projects are better developed when people are in a collaborative setup. Installing a few pods means staff can avail of both options, availing of the quiet area whenever high concentration is required.

5. Modern but cosy office design

Planning an office fit out is not easy. Building walls to ensure privacy can set a cold and distant atmosphere, making people distant from each other and discouraging communication.
Besides being practical, the meeting pods also look great. They come in a large variety of shapes and sizes to match the design of your office. It can use glass for doors and walls to impress the feeling of transparency and cleanliness. Soft seating inside offers a cosy and warm work environment.

You can see the benefits that Office Pods can offer to a business that may have space issues but still wants to retain the concept of an Open Office. For Companies that like the idea of installing Office Pods B2B Office Interiors offers to look after the process from start to finish. B2B provides a free consultation, quotation and full installation service. Contact us, we will guide you through the full range of available options.