Planning an office fit out or refurbishment can be a complex task if you are not sure how to plan it. 

As the office environment has an impact on productivity, it is important to make the right decisions, follow this article designed to make your task simpler. 

1.The Essentials 

Make a list of the basics, the furniture that the office could not run without

When planning an office refurbishment, you need to think about so many things that it’s easy to get lost on options and forget the essentialsA list will help you get the basics sorted straight away. 

Add the quantities to calculate the basic cost, review and adjust as you need it.  

The essentials office furniture varies from business to business, but these are the major categories: 

Office Fit-Out – Essential Office Furniture List 

15  Desks 
15  Chairs 
15  Drawer Pedestals 
6  Filing Cabinets 
2. Keep Employees Health in Mind

The average person spends a third of their life at work, therefore the work environment has a direct effect on people’s health. 

Creating an appealing design by matching colours and decoration improves staff morale, but just as important is to consider office furniture designed to improve your health. An office chair that does not support correct posture can cause back pain and raise issues with staff absenteeism. 

Orthopaedic Chairs are ideal for staff whose tasks involves sitting down for long periods of time.
Height Adjustable Desks are now popular in most modern offices, giving employees the chance to stand for periods of time while carrying out the usual tasks.
Stools are modern option that offers style and effectiveness, far from the old-fashioned and uncomfortable old stool style, these stools guarantee a good posture while smoothly rocking to adjust to your body movements. 
3. Let Your Office Tell Your Story  

The design of your office can reinforce your brand story and the work culture.  

Matching the colours to your logo or brand image promotes and reinforces your business message to both your customers and team. Consider working with colour to instigate feelings such as creativity, calmness and balance. 

Whether the nature of the business is based around creativity and innovation, or you wish to promote a relaxed and flexible atmosphere, your office design can embody this vision. 

 4. Consider Every Situation 

Most businesses have adopted designs that support team cooperation and an open office policy, that has all desks placed side by sidethen consider using partitions around desks where people work with confidential documents or to lessen the office noise when your team is constantly on phone calls. 

Don’t forget your visitors, your meetings and the nature of your business deals. If you have the space for a meeting room, should it be elegant and imposing or modern and relaxed? 

In case of limited space, the meeting pods are a great option to ensure you still have a private space inside an open office. 

 5. The Richness is in the Details 

Once you have planned your office fit-out according to the business needs, it is time to add the touches that will make all the difference.  

Think about what will make it welcoming and special, maybe, soft seating in a comfortable lounge area. 

As the coffee consumption increases worldwide, with studies also proving an impact on productivity, a coffee machine is a practically indispensable item in a modern office. Plan your coffee area to suit your design and create an inviting space for customers and employees.  


A wellplanned fit-out will create a comfortable, practical and well-designed space that creates a healthy atmosphere and inspires productivity. 

Following this guide will help you make the right decisions but you can also contact an expert to do the hard work for you.