The office dynamics have significantly changed recently. More businesses are adopting hybrid work, adapting to smaller spaces and availing of a system like hot desks. The new multimedia station is the next step to creating a functional environment adapted to the current demand for digital communication.

A meeting room was an essential area in the office. Currently, a considerable number of meetings are happening online, using office multimedia and platforms such as zoom or Microsoft Teams. As fewer people attend in person, the conference rooms often take more space than necessary and become obsolete.

The advantages of a multimedia desk over a modern executive desk

multimedia desk

Screen Fixture and Height

The first advantage of a multimedia desk over a modern executive desk is the fixture for a screen neatly and at an optimised eye level. When we place a screen on the desk’s top, the attendees will have to look slightly down to follow the content or talk to the person online.

From a health point of view, even this tiny alteration of the correct posture can cause problems in the long run. For this reason, many health professionals advise using laptop risers. All screens should be at eye level.

Connection Neat and Tidy

Under the multimedia station worktop, there is a compartment which can vary in size, where all connectors, such as USB ports, are available. The partition keeps the connections organised, leaving space on the surface.

In all circumstances, a clean desk will cause a better impression from the moment the meeting starts. For example, some online conferences replace important branch visits previously carried out in person by the HQ members, or it may be the presentation of a product to a new client.

Replaces the Conference Room

As previously mentioned, an entire room allocated for meetings can take unnecessary space from the office, mainly if it is used infrequently. However, this space can be repurposed to adapt the environment to the organisation’s current needs.

The Modern Office Fit Out

modern executive desk

We can observe the new demands of the office environment by the number of businesses choosing to do a complete refurbishment and fit out of the offices.

While this is the best option in some cases, some smaller changes can make all the difference and offer what the team needs.

Along with the multimedia station, we can use office partitions to eliminate some issues with open offices; Add Acoustic Office Pods to maintain privacy and make the best avail of the space; Place height-adjustable desks to improve staff health; Complement the room with a nice coffee station to increase staff morale.

Our team is always available to help you through the right choices for your business.

The Best Multimedia Stations in the Market

Multimedia Gravity

Firm and comfortable, despite the gravity. The multimedia stand from the MDD’s “Gravity” collection is not only a great piece of furniture that can be situated in the chill-out zones but also the perfect equipment for every office. Subdued colours ensure that the stand will blend in with any arrangement, regardless of style.

Electric height adjustable worktop, media box, and the ability to mount a monitor make it even more functional and ergonomic. The multimedia stand is a stylistically coherent addition to the rest of the “Gravity” executive furniture collection.

MDD Multimedia Station

The large and robust worktop makes it look modern, which is only enhanced by the ability to mount a monitor. The restrained colours allow the implementation of this piece of furniture in any arrangement regardless of its style. A significant advantage of the multimedia station over traditional tables is the simplified way of connecting all the electrical devices required to run a presentation.

The Vision Hub

The multipurpose Visio Hub tables from Buronomic meet the increasing needs of businesses to manage information inside and outside the company. The tables are available in various formats. Visio Hub provides a simple way of creating connected, collaborative spaces to meet, share and communicate together or remotely.