Corner & L-Shaped Desks Dublin & Ireland

There are various situations in which choosing a proper desk is very important. You may be a hard-working student in search for a perfect study desk or you’re managing the office logistics and infrastructure for a company that you’re working for and need to buy L-shaped desks or corner desks. You may be a CEO searching for the perfect executive desk that will radiate with both functionality and elegance.

Whatever your need for a desk is, one fact is still true — most people in today’s workforce spend a lot of their productive hours sitting behind a desk. In fact, “productive” is the word of the day here — most people don’t understand that having a proper desk is a prerequisite for high productivity.
Depending on the kind of work you do in your office or home, there are specific desk models for such purposes. This is why B2B Office Interiors aims to provide you with a wide variety of desks for every purpose — we’ll go over some of the main ones in this detailed guide.

Corner Desks

If you’re working in a position that doesn’t involve menial labor, your office desk is bound to be the most crucial component of your office space. It’s not only the largest furniture piece in your work interior — but it’s also second to none in terms of functionality.

After all, all of the work that you do in your office is performed at your desk. Regardless of whether you choose a corner desk or a simpler study desk — you will need a desk for a functional office space or study area for sure.

These days, desks are not only designed to be spacious and functional — the models we offer here at B2B Office Interiors are stylish and aesthetically pleasing as well. We offer a wide range of:

● Workstations
● Bench desks
● Executive desks
● Home office desks

Choosing The Best Corner or L-Shaped Desk

Desks are an incredibly important piece of furniture in any office and household. Successful individuals view their desks as professional companions from a very early age. From the time you pick your perfect study desk when in high-school to the moment when you have to choose a functional L shaped desk for your office; you’re looking for that piece of furniture that suits you and the type of work you do.

Of course, the desk that will prove to be the most suitable for you depends on a variety of factors. First of all, you will need to consider your work environment, while also taking your type of work into account.

For instance, if you’re working with other people and you’re sharing an office with them — you will need to pick a desk that best utilizes the space that you have available. In such a situation, a corner desk is probably the best choice — four of those can create an abundance of workspace in a single room. Let’s now discuss another key factors in the whole procedure.

Your Job Role

Before purchasing a desk for your office, consider how you or other employees actually perform the job duties at hand. If you spend the majority of your workday working on your computer, you should absolutely consider buying one of our computer desks. If you’re a web developer or a graphic designer you are bound to need some more space on your work surface for more than one monitor for instance.
That’s why L shaped desks could be an excellent choice — you can have two visibly divided work surfaces, both for paperwork and computer work. Also, if you don’t need storage space for filing as well, we recommend considering drawerless desks because they provide you with more legroom.
If you’re dealing with a lot of paperwork and require storage space, you can take a look at our wider desks which are an all-around good choice. While these take up more room in your office, they give you enough space for desktop components, filing space in drawers, and your legs.

There are job roles that don’t require that much practical computer work — these are mostly mid-level and upper-level management jobs. Usually, these entail a separate office just for yourself and tasks that involve meetings with other people and employees. For such individuals, we reserve a selection of heftier executive desks.

The above mentioned L-shaped desks are also an excellent choice for mixed job roles — where people have to dedicate their time to both managerial tasks and computer work. Bigger L-shaped desks provide you with enough space to successfully juggle both aspects of your job.

L Shaped Desks

In this day and age, telecommuting is a bigger part of the global economy than ever before. People can complete a lot of office work without ever leaving their homes, even when it comes to larger teams.
There are plenty of pros and cons working from home. On the one hand, you don’t have to deal with lengthy commutes — you can start working immediately after you’re up. However, the line between your work life and your personal life can become a bit blurry after a while. You may find yourself actually working longer than you would in a dedicated office.

That’s why separating your workspace from the rest of your household is a great idea. Working in your bed or on the kitchen table isn’t ideal for productivity. With that in mind, we have a variety of study desks that can be used if you’re working from home, such as freelancers, telecommuters and students.
If your house has enough room for a dedicated workspace, our L-shaped desks for home offices will give you all of the practicality of office furniture combined with a household aesthetic. On the other hand, those with less free space will appreciate our more compact desks which you’ll be able to fit in any room.

Corner / L-Shaped Desks in the Office

Ideally, every employee would like to have their own office. Of course, in reality, this is not possible in most companies that seek to scale up over time. In a corporate environment with hundreds of different employees, it would be impossible to give everyone their own space.

That’s why more compact workstations and L-shaped desks are the ideal choice for most larger companies. With an L-shaped desk, you can make all kinds of puzzle-esque arrangements that allow for the maximum usability of every space. Apart from traditional L-shaped desks, we also have more innovative shapes such as the Ashford Crescent office desk that can be ordered in clusters of three. This allows every office manager to use tight spaces to their utmost potential, while also not depriving employees of some much-needed workspace.

In addition, you’ll find some corner desks in more traditional shapes within the same series — for example, the Ashford corner desks give you more usable flat top space if you have the room for them in your office.

The Characteristics of a High-Quality Corner Desk

As you can see, how you intend to use your desk has a major influence on the model that you’ll choose. But apart from that, you should also consider some of the manufacturing and design aspects of a desk that can speak of its quality. As an example — the material which the manufacturer chose for a particular desk can tell you a lot about how good it is.

Many desks are designed with laminate in mind — a plastic finish that follows a wooden core. This is definitely not a bad choice because it’s affordable and surprisingly durable; you’ll be able to get more out of this desk than you can from a veneer, particularly in terms of resistance to damage.
If you’re looking for the most durable solution, desks manufactured from metal and steel are the finest choice. However, they are not suitable for every work environment — these desks are very heavy, and they can easily damage your flooring. Plus, it is not easy to rearrange them and move them around the office.

Those searching for a desk that comes with drawers should check out if the drawers were properly manufactured before buying. The quality of the drawers depends on their internal mechanisms as well — metal suspensions tend to be the highest-quality type of mechanism. Good drawers have mechanisms that enable users to open and close them without issue, while simultaneously being sturdy enough to bear a decent amount of weight inside.

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