BADEN Recycling Station colour options made of 1.5mm steel with front swing door

Price on Application

Minimum order quantity
  • Bin made from 1.5 mm sheet metal
  • Body unified by welding
  • Front swing door for the extraction of the inner bag
  • Lock with key included
  • Bin incorporates bag hoop inside the bin
  • Base includes rubber blocks to protect the surface
  • Vinyl residue indicator icon

The Baden series of recycling stations from MadeDesign are robust, high-capacity bins ideal for public areas. Large opening with a practical door for emptying and maintenance. Also available with an ashtray on top.








SB_system is a tool for the management of large capacity recycling bins at the maintenance and security levels, by providing them with an electronic device that allows their monitoring via a Wi-Fi connection. We obtain the information required to generate alerts and store data, which can be accessed by authorized personnel through Android App or the SB_system website.

Weight - The weight alarm is activated when the sensor detects an abrupt change, which could suggest that an unusual object has been deposited, causing the activation of the corresponding security protocol.

Capacity - A distance sensor can determine the maximum acceptable level, and inform maintenance personnel to empty the bag. It also helps determine the areas where there is greater demand and greater capacity is needed.

Fire - SB_system has a thermometer that allows it to monitor the temperature inside the bin,the alarm is activated whenit exceeds the maximum acceptable limits whichfollows a situation of risk or a possible fire