COHESION Coworking table with 38mm tops and metal or wooden A arch shaped legs

Price from 980.00

  • 38 mm thick Nitech® honeycomb melamine-coated tops
  • 3 mm thickinner edging
  • 2 mm thick shock-proof ABS edging
  • Metal “A” arch leg composed of 50 x 50 mm square cross-section legs
  • Transverse bar in the bottom
  • 2 leg versions: all metal or metal & wood
  • Beam structure made of lacquered epoxy finish steel
  • Adjustable screw feet – 10 mm range
  • Tables in 2 versions : with or without cable management
  • Power modules options

The Cohesion tables by Buronomic feature pure, modern lines.
The wide and spacious worktops are designed to encourage dialogue and communication. They allow several people to work together while sitting at the same table. This range meets new working environments such as coworking. These are areas created especially to encourage discussion and creativity.



L 200 / D 100 cm, L 160 / D 120 cm, L 200 / D 120 cm or L 240 / D 120 cm. H 74 cm



COHESION TABLE Buronomic finishes






COHESION TABLE Buronomic Dimensions