Fluffo Art 3 Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panel

Price 810.51

  • Clean geometrical form
  • Built of two distinct elements.
  • The square emerging from a circle is located symmetrically
  • Available in a wide range of colours and several shapes

About Fluffo
Fluffo ART is a small art piece; it is the effect of Fluffo’s cooperation with the young Polish designer, Joanna Kabala.
It is the first single large-format panel in our portfolio, available in a wide range of colours and several shapes.
It is not permanently affixed to the wall; it can be taken down and turned, or swapped with another piece of Fluffo ART, allowing the creation of a unique composition every time.
The entire collection was created with long corridors (often acoustically neglected), staircases and large bedrooms, in mind.
Where the wall needs a strong accent and the acoustics of the interior leaves much to be desired.
Panels are mounted on walls with the use of special mounting clips. It is easy to take them down, turn or swap them.