Mikomax Hush Hybrid Acoustic Closed Meeting Pod

Price 9,714.99

  • LED ceiling light run by motion sensor
  • Efficient ventilation run by motion sensor
  • Tempered, laminated acoustic glass door with high quality handle and hinges
  • Anti-collision glass manifestation safety sticker
  • Laminated acoustic glass rear panel
  • VESA mount
  • Control panel and acoustic lined fabric panels
  • Upholstered soft seating
  • Integral carpeted floor
  • Tabletop
  • Leveling feet

HushHybrid is a solution dedicated to individual work in focus and longer videoconferences, as well as online training and webinars. The cabin has a comfortable, soft seat that helps to maintain an upright body position, and the handle mounted in the product allows you to hang an all-in-one computer or a monitor. Additional side LED strips provide favorable facial illumination during video calls. The depth-adjustable table top on the inside allows you to adjust the depth for your convenience.HushHybrid is characterized by good sound insulation, which provides excellent conditions for performing tasks. The cabin can be ordered with additional stickers on the glass, ensuring privacy, thanks to the "frosting" effect. The combination of these properties creates a universal place for hybrid work, which, in addition to great design, allows you to perform tasks in peace and quiet
5-year guarantee.