Noti Sosa Soft Seating Modular 3 Seater Sofa with Armrests

Price 3,195.96

  • Modular design
  • Create almost any sized unit
  • Solid oak wooden legs
  • Seat and backrest elements are exceptionally soft and comfortable
  • 5-year guarantee

Sosa designed by Piotr Kuchcińskii – is a modular system of soft sofas which stuns with its exquisitely refined proportions.
Despite its physically tangible weight, large dimensions and strongly contoured shapes, Sosa comes across as an incredibly light and sleek piece of furniture, almost levitating above the floor.
Sosa is elevated quite high, resting on long slender legs. The effect was achieved through the use of a technologically advanced load-bearing frame which combines slenderness and subtle cross-sections with an incredible span and stability.
Although not very thick, the seat and backrest elements are exceptionally soft and comfortable. The meticulously finished joint between the legs and the upholstered frame supplies the sofa with a statement detail.
Sosa can be seen as a piece of furniture with multiple personalities. Users are free to choose their preferred style by selecting the type of leg finishing (natural wood or painted according to the available colors, coated or chrome-plated steel) and fabric.
Sosa can be natural, rustic, vigorous, monochromatic, opulent… the choice is yours.
5-year guarantee.