SOVE-101 Office Cabinet

Price 279.00

  • Elegant and professional office designed cabinet
  • Dimensions: width: 120cm depth: 35.5cm height: 189cm
  • Sliding doors and a point lock
  • Floor curvature levelling regulators – up to 15mm
  • Weight: about 80 kg
  • Made from recycled PET material

The SOVE-101 office cabinet is an extremely spacious and functional piece of furniture that is perfect for offices, receptions and any places where a lot of documents need to be stored. It is 120 cm wide and 189 cm high. It consists of ten storage spaces which have been divided into two risers - there can fit 50 binders. The cabined has sliding doors with wooden handles. There is also a point lock. The cabinet is made of graphite melamine plate, which is durable and can support even a large weight. For a visually light effect, the whole thing is placed on wooden legs.