Switch 2 Person Crescent Desk & Desk High Pedestal, Closed Leg

Price 1,613.52

  • Available in A-leg, closed leg and open-leg variants
  • Includes desk high pedestal with storage space for files, paperwork, and other office essentials
  • Lockable drawer
  • Desk tops available in 8 different finishes
  • Frame and legs available in 5 different finishes
  • 15-year guarantee

Switch is a highly flexible desking range with the ability to make complex single structure configurations of any length. Five sub systems comprising of various shapes interact together to give you the most versatile desking system we have ever designed.
Switch has been laboratory test certified by Satra and has passed the following tests: BS EN 527-1:2011 – Ergonomics BS EN 527-2:2002 – Mechanical Safety BS EN 527-3:2003 – Strength and Stability.
15-year guarantee.