Fluffo Soft Pixel Edge Sound Absorbing Acoustic Wall Panel

Price 42.48

  • Small, medium and large square-shaped panels with bevelled edges
  • Available in multiple colours
  • 2 year guarantee

About Soft Pixel Edge
Our smallest square with elegantly bevelled edges.
The shape and size are universal and will look great both in large, compact compositions and smaller, scattered arrangements.
This model looks good in combinations with other compatible models: Pixel L or Line.
Medium size square with bevelled edges. On large surfaces, it looks best in a compact, uniform colour composition.
On small walls, it will look better in a scattered, loose arrangement.
The distinct, large, square-shaped panel, with delicate, bevelled edges which give it elegance and lightness. It needs space.
Larger number of panels in the composition will show off its character. It looks great in monochromatic arrangements.
About Fluffo
Meet Fluffo and discover the potential of your walls! Choose your wall panels from our extensive offer full of fantastic shapes and colours.
Create your own wall arrangement and give your interior a warmer, more intimate character.
2-year guarantee.