No matter how much we might enjoy our jobs, there will always be times when our productivity levels might be lacking. It could be that we’re tired or that we’re not liking the particular task at hand. Perhaps there is something happening at home that is putting us off our stride or we might be feeling unwell. Whatever the reason, it’s highly unlikely that anyone is productive one hundred percent of the time. Sometimes that’s not a problem; we can walk away, rest and come back feeling better. Sometimes, however, it’s just not possible – deadlines and busy work days can mean that we have to struggle on regardless. In these cases, the following office desk hacks are going to be hugely important.


  1. Green Is the Colour
  2. Colours can do strange things to us – they can help us to act and behave in certain ways, and it’s all down to the subconscious mind. Studies are still ongoing as to exactly what it is about specific colours that help us out, but in the meantime, the most important thing to know is that the colour green is linked to being more productive and creative. You can have a green plant on your desk or a green-hued image stuck on the wall. Your stationery could be green. As long as there is something green in your eye-line, you should be able to be more productive.


  3. Listen to Music
  4. In a busy office you’ll need to employ head or earphones in order to listen to music, but that shouldn’t put you off – listening to music is a great way to be more productive. When you’re listening to music, you do tend to get more done. Unlike the TV or a radio talk show which can be distractions, music is something you can listen to whilst carrying out another task. This is ideal if you have dull, repetitive tasks to do as you can whizz through them more quickly when you have music playing in the background.


  5. Plant Life
  6. We’ve already mentioned having a plant on your desk due to the colour green, but there are other reasons to have one in your office space too. Plants make people feel happier and keep them motivated – having something living on your desk that you need to take care of will ensure that you get more done. As a bonus, plants in the office make the entire space a healthier one.


  7. Photographs
  8. Many people like having photographs on their desks, and this is another way that you can improve your productivity. When you see the faces of loved ones, you will be reminded of why you are working and this will push you further. You’ll be reminded of happy times in the past, and again, this will help you to keep going even if you’re not enjoying what you are doing.


  9. Allow Some Mess
  10. They do say that a messy desk is a sign of creativity, so allowing a little mess on your desk is a good thing. It shouldn’t be so messy that you can’t find anything or it becomes a hygiene issue (old food and so on should always be discarded), but a lack of organisation is okay as long as you know how to get on with your work in whatever way you see fit. People who don’t mind working in a little mess are those who are best equipped to ‘think outside the box’ and solve problems quickly.


  11. Natural Light
  12. Wherever possible, your desk should be placed in natural light. Just having fluorescent bulbs above your desk is not good for your creativity. Natural light relieves stress and tension and will help you from feeling depressed; this all allows you to work harder and be more productive.