Office partitions, screens, and dividers, are a common sight in most business premises these days. High property costs have seen a corresponding rise in office density. The more people in an office, the louder and noisier it will be which can in turn make it harder for employees to focus on their tasks. A partition or screen goes some ways to alleviating these concerns and enabling workers to focus on their job without worry of distraction.

Desk dividers and screens are a simple method to reduce noise or distractions for workers. They are a barrier that sits between workers and lets them focus on their own work while others are working on either side or across from them.

We also offer a selection of free standing partitions that can be moved around the office as needed to fence off areas for team projects, quiet areas, or meeting places. These allow work to be conducted in private as well as assisting with reducing ambient office sound in the area. Like our screens and dividers, these come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Most offices are open plan these days and the use of a partition or divider allows for some semblance of privacy without the need for structural modifications. Partitions can be set up and moved around easily as the needs of the business require. They can be used to seal off teams for a project pod or ensure security to avoid visitors seeing sensitive work.

It is also possible to further modify a partition or screen to promote quieter working spaces for employees. Any form of divider will act as a physical barrier to sound but a business can also request the addition of sound dampening acoustic panels. These panels help to reduce noise in the office and can assist with creating quiet work spaces within the larger office area.

Partitions and divider walls give business owners extensive interior remodelling options in their office without the need to worry about affecting structural integrity. They are relatively quick to erect and can be used to subdivide an office space into any combination of rooms you desire.

Glass partitions are our most popular model as they allow in natural light which is important for employee health and well-being. All of our glass partition models can be modified to add blinds. Users can then choose to have as much light entering as they wish. The glass can be translucent or transparent, allowing for added privacy in a room designed for meetings for example. Our glass partitions can also be provided in a selection of different colours and styles so you can choose the one that best suits your office decor.

Layouts can be modified to suit even the most awkward building setups and the partitions customised with the company logo or other additions. Glass partitions enable an office to be reconfigured with a minimum of fuss, converting an open plan design into one with meeting or conference rooms, project teams, and separate offices.

Covid 19 Screens & Partitions

Many workplaces are currently seeking to modify their office spaces as part of the reality of working while Covid-19 is still a major health risk. The strategic use of partitions, screens, and dividers in the office can assist greatly in this regard. A variety of barriers are on offer to be used to shield workers from each other and minimise the risk of cross-contamination or infection. Screens or dividers can also be provided with see through plastic or other materials to ensure communication is not affected. These can be set up along desks to protect workers from those sitting across from or to either side of them.

Screens are also of use for staff who are typically customer facing. A see through barrier will greatly reduce Covid-19 infection risk, providing an extra layer of security in addition to common hygiene practices and mask wearing. These are easy to erect and provide peace of mind for both your staff and any customers or visitors you might have to your business premises. Our plexiglass dividers and screens allow for you to continue to engage with customers or clients face to face without compromising the health of your staff or others.

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