Outdoor furniture is in high demand as local hospitality industry look to make the most of government support for outdoor dining. The Irish Government recently announced a funding scheme for local hospitality businesses that purchase new outdoor dining equipment to increase their guest capacity.

This funding is important for cafes, restaurants and hotels as the country moves forward in its coronavirus recovery. Irish hospitality has seen its share of challenges but with new outdoor furniture subsidized by the government, businesses can prepare for a bright future and connect with more customers.

When the hospitality sector does reopen, it will be beneficial to have their new and improved outdoor seating areas already set up. This way, they can start welcoming back customers in accordance with government guidelines on capacity limits and social distancing.

B2B.ie has an unrivalled selection of outdoor seating designed for restaurants and hospitality industry. All of our outdoor equipment is built to last and provides professional polish so businesses can impress their customers. Our trusted office equipment extends to outdoor seating with wheater-resistant tables and chairs to complete an outdoor area and meet the requirements of the government funding scheme as administered by Local Authorities.

You can take advantage of the new government funding for outdoor hospitality equipment with our high-quality collection of patio furniture. Learn more about our outdoor equipment offerings and investing in outdoor upgrades for your hospitality business.

Outdoor Dining Chairs

Outdoor dining chairs

Customers always appreciate a comfortable chair, especially when gathering outside. We have a wide range of outdoor dining chairs, which are eligible for the Irish Government’s tourism and hospitality outdoor equipment funding scheme. The main qualities you should look for when purchasing new outdoor dining chairs include long-lasting material and a comfortable design. A clean, modern chair that complements the rest of the outdoor area and overall ambiance is key. The option to order soft cushions is another plus.

The options on our website include:

  • Bora chair, which is one of our most popular products with its fiberglass resin seat, matt finish, and lightweight tubular frame.
  • Costa chair, a practical lightweight outdoor chair with a slatted fibreglass resin backrest, sleek uniform colouring, and non-slip feet.
  • Ninfea chair, a sleek single-body seat made from fiberglass resin with curved aluminium-coated legs that mimic the natural shape of water flowers.
  • Net chair, featuring polypropylene with UV additives and a radial pattern across the surface for design details.
  • Outdoor chair 5, with a solid and sturdy stackable design in attractive colours from yellow and blue to green and pink.
  • Outdoor chair 6, a full support chair with armrests and round backrest. Choose from a single colour or contrasting frame/seat to decorate the outdoor dining area.
  • Outdoor chair 7, a foldable, ergonomic design without armrests, available in eye-catching colours like bright green, red, white and black.

Outdoor Dining Tables

Outdoor dining table

Hospitality businesses can benefit greatly from new outdoor dining tables that accommodate anywhere from 2-8 people. Whether it’s a small coffee table outside a café or tea shop, or a large outdoor table for a leading local restaurant, this outdoor furniture is a worthwhile investment as the future of the hospitality industry seems set on outdoor dining at least to some degree.

When shopping for outdoor tables, tourism and hospitality providers should focus on size, material, and compatibility. The table needs to be the right size to adequately fit in with the outdoor dining setup, and it should be made of long-lasting material that can be used for years to come, rather than just one season. Whatever tables and chairs you choose, they should go well together to create a comfortable dining environment that patrons want to return to after their first trip.

The top outdoor dining tables available on B2B.ie are:

  • Outdoor table design 1, featuring a round/oblong design that matches the Ninfea chairs and accommodates six seats comfortably. It comes in white or black for a sophisticated finish.
  • Outdoor table design 2, an extendable rectangular table available in white, black, or brown that contrasts nicely with the Net chair design.
  • Outdoor table design 3, a similar square or rectangular table in rich white, black, or brown neutrals that can be stacked together. It suits the Costa outdoor chairs and other rounded designs.
  • Outdoor table design 4, a light and airy table that matches the Net chair design with radial square perforations. It comes in bright colours like yellow and blue in addition to a sleek grey.
  • Outdoor table design 5, an extremely sturdy outdoor table with a centre stand and four support legs. The white, black, or tan tables can be connected together to make a larger dining space or pulled apart to accommodate smaller dining parties.
  • Outdoor table design 6, a round coffee/café table design with two varying heights designed for outdoor chair design 7. It comes in green, blue, red, white, grey and brown.

Exploring Your Outdoor Furniture Funding Options

hospitality industry with b2b furniture

Hospitality and tourism businesses are in a unique position, where it’s important to invest in new equipment to ensure outdoor dining spaces meet the needs of tomorrow as Ireland continues its coronavirus recovery. The main things you need to know about government grant funding for outdoor equipment are:

  • The scheme is open to individual/independent tourism and hospitality industry.
  • Applicants apply directly to their Local Authority for grants up to €4,000, which covers up to 75% of the ex-VAT cost of the equipment investment.
  • Local Authorities approve applications based on receipt of purchase and photo evidence of the tables/chairs/accessories on-site in the outdoor dining space.
  • The period of accepted expenditure is 1 April 2020 – 30 September 2021.
  • Applicants must meet local planning codes and compliance/legislative obligations. Check with the Local Authority which has the discretion to confirm whether the outdoor dining area meets the streetscape and business development needs.

Shop the entire range of outdoor patio furniture and seating on B2B.ie today in time for the Irish Government’s Outdoor Dining Enhancement Scheme, which you can learn more about here. Our extensive collection of outdoor tables, chairs, and accessories may be purchased with hospitality grants from the Irish government.