Mikomax A11 Acoustic 1-Seater Closed Meeting Pod

Price 4,943.16

  • The entire frame of the lounge chair made of plywood
  • The interior upholstered in high-quality Italian wool
  • Inside there is a seat, armrest, backrest, and headrest
  • Sliding front panel mechanism (A11)
  • Built-in USB port
  • 4-arm, chrome-plated armchair foot

Your own private space
A11 acoustic properties lounge chair is the first step by Hushoffice beyond its line of workpods. A modern, designer, futuristic, and functional lounge chair, available in a closeable (A11) or open version (A11.open). It allows to create your own private space to escape from the everyday hustle and bustle. At the same time, the A11 chair provides the comfort associated with luxury and a unique experience that will enrich your working day, as well as offer some moments of relaxation. The cylinder-like form enclosing the user on almost all sides creates an intimate space for individual work, phone calls or informal conversations.
Open or closeable
The closeable version of the A11 lounge chair features a sliding front panel that covers the entire upper part of your body. When in the covered position, it also reduces the amount of light that reaches your eyes. The darkened interior is perfect for arranging a “mini cinema room” to watch a video on a tablet or smartphone. And facilitates much deeper, faster recuperation when you want to relax. Moreover, the A11 is the only model on the market that allows for so-called power naps without being seen by others.
Are you ready for takeoff?
A11 look is chic and futuristic. It is the creation of Przemysław “Mac” Stopa, the founder and the chief designer of Massive Design, an award-winning architectural studio whose specialty is office and public interiors design. The leitmotif of the design work, which determines the futuristic shape of the chair, was the anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission. Today, spaceflights are no longer a vision of the future. They are the future, because “the future is happening now”, so let’s adapt our furniture and space as well. The design is enclosed in a cylindrical form that resembles a cocoon, with a comfortable seat inside that has visually separate elements (backrest, headrest, etc.). Chair users can also easily access the built-in USB port.