For people who work at a computer desk, sitting for long hours, choosing an appropriate office chair is essential. We have shared some top tips for purchasing high-quality office chairs, and now we want to introduce three products that have newly arrived, thereby helping with your search for the best type of chair.

There are several things to consider when selecting the right ergonomic office chair, such as seat height, width and depth, back support, and adjustable features. Whilst price is especially important, it should not be the priority if the product does not offer everything you need. It may seem ok at first, but the wrong chair can cause harm in the longer term.

Yet, we believe it is possible to buy great chairs with back support at a fair price. We asked our office furniture expert, Glen O’Farrell, who has many years of experience in this industry, to select three products from our range of chairs that reflect both the best features and at an affordable price.

The best type of chair does not have to be the most expensive, but the one that offers all the functionality you need that fits in with your daily work routine. There are some points you may want to consider in finding out how adjustable the chair should be for you. Examples of issues to consider when buying your chair might be, have you any previous back injuries or do you feel pain in specific areas, do you adjust the height of your desk or rollover to different desks during the day?

Below is the list of the new office chairs. The prices are for single chair purchases with basic variations. Our advisors can help you with customisations, prices for purchasing in bulk or to include them as part of an office fit-out.

Ergonomic Office Chair Task/Operator X44

Price from €259.00+VAT

chairs with back support


This ergonomic office chair is a simple and easy-to-assemble chair that offers all the essential features you need.

You can adjust the seat height and the lumbar support for spinal alignment. It features a mesh backrest design and a breathable moulded foam seat. You can also opt for an adjustable headrest.

The armrest is also crucial in a great office chair as it helps you maintain the correct posture while typing and resting. With the ergonomic office chair Task/Operator X44, you can adjust the armrest to match the height of your computer desk, creating more comfort and supporting a good posture.


Technical Information

  • Seat slide adjustment: No
  • Height adjustment: Yes
  • Mesh back: Yes
  • Weight balance: No
  • Lumbar support: Yes
  • Adjustable armrest: Yes, 3D adjustment
  • Headrest: Yes
  • Back position locking mechanism: Yes, 3 Stage Tilt Adjustment
  • Back material: Mesh


Ergonomic Office Chair Task/Operator Light Up

Price from €359.00+VAT

new arrival office chairs


This office chair features all you need to keep a good posture, extra adjustments for comfort and design customisations, and even an optional clothes hanger.

The advantage of this chair is the synchro mechanism, which means that the seat and back of the chair move in sync, adjusting the position to the body weight and offering consistent support even when we shift the weight while seating. In addition, the mechanism can be locked in place or left to free-float around your movements.

There are many possible customisations, including seat depth, colour, material, mesh or upholstery backrest.


Synchro S – adjustment of seat height, synchronising mechanism with the possibility to adjust the resilience of the backrest to the weight of the sitting person. The synchro mechanism can be locked in one of five positions.

Synchro SL – S mechanism with the function of a sliding seat. The synchro mechanism can be locked in one of five positions.

Synchro SFL – SL mechanism with the function of additional seat/backrest tilt The synchro mechanism can be locked in one of four positions.

Synchro ST – adjustment of seat height, synchronising mechanism with automatic adjustment of the backrest’s resilience to the sitting person’s weight. The self-weighing synchro mechanism can be locked in the upright position.

Synchro STL – ST mechanism with the function of a sliding seat. The self-weighing synchro mechanism can be locked in the upright position.


Technical Information

  • Synchro Mechanism
  • Lumbar support
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Tilt force adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • The plastic elements are available in two colours – black or light grey
  • Two types of backrest: mesh or upholstery
  • Wide range of seat colours to choose from
  • Modern and minimalist design
  • Optional clothes hanger


Ergonomic Office Chair Task/Operator Xenon

Price from €459.00+VAT


This ergonomic office chair offers maximum support and adjustments. Xenon family is the latest collection of swivel chairs designed for Profim by ITO Design, a German design group. It was created to meet the needs of demanding customers who attach particular importance to ergonomic solutions, while still requiring the greatest attention to be paid to design and aesthetics.


Technical Information

  • Seat Height Adjustment
    The height of the seat adjusts quickly with a simple pull of a lever. Your knees should be bent at 90 degrees or slightly more, with your feet planted comfortably on the floor. This will help keep your spine aligned in a natural ‘S’ shape.

  • Tilt Tension
    The user can adjust the tension to lean back on the chair.

  • Armrests
    Height adjustable armrests to allow users to set a comfortable arm resting position. Adjust the height, front, back and width.

  • Tilting Degree Adjustment
    By operating this lever the user limits the degree of tilting.

  • Seat Slide
    The seat depth adjustment guarantees optimal legroom and reduces pressure on the thighs, helping to improve blood circulation (SL, SFL, STL mechanism).

  • Mesh Backrest
    The mesh backrest features an impressive combination of a flexible frame with a high quality breathable material whilst the graphite connector complements the overall exceptional look of Xenon. Depth and height are easily adjusted for ultimate support and comfort.